Workshops at Dansgroep Amsterdam

[December '09]
Giulia has been invited by Dansgroep Amsterdam to give a workshop to the company, as a more profound meeting with the dancers of the tableau in preparation of a new work she will be creating for Dansgroep Amsterdam.
This workshop will be held in December, Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th.

Workshop at Artlab

[November '09]
Giulia will hold a three days choreography workshop as part of the‘Cycle of Workshops’, at the Artlab, a breeding place for different kinds of Artists.
November 20th , 21st and 22nd ,
The Art Laboratory,
Ottho Heldringstraat 3, Amsterdam

Weekend in Danslab

[October '09]
October, 17th & 18th, a two days program, meeting the choreographers, sharing their process. For the occasion Giulia will present an extract of her new work Amore e Merda and give a short documentation bridging therewith her previous research period in Danslab.
Presented by Zeebelt Theatre
The 1st artistic Danslab team publicly hands over the task to its successors:
1st team (2007-2009) 
Bruno Listopad, Dylan Newcomb, Giulia Mureddu, Karine Guizzo, Kenzo Kusuda
2nd team (2009-2011)
Erik Kaiel, Gabriella Maiorino, Jack Gallagher, Le Grand Cru (Feri de Geus & Noortje Bijvoets), Robert Steijn

Amore e merda

[October '09]
PREMIERE October 7 in Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam, followed by a tour (see playlist).  For more news about this duet danced by Giulia herself and Goran Turnšek go to the productions item Amore e Merda. Amore e Merda is, after Liquid Space, the 2nd in a series of 4 productions by Giulia that will be produced and supported by Danswerkplaats Amsterdam in 2009 and 2010.



[August '09]
Opening of the season with a preview on Amore e Merda, 29th of august, Hermitage

Adventurous Oerol

[June '09]
Liquid Space 6.1: a journey into an original and impressive performance, where art, technology and nature melt. Oerol, 12th -21st of June 2009, object by Daan Roosegaarde. Dancers: Hilde Elbers, Katerina Dietzova, Eline Tan.Costumes: Dieuweke van Reij


Working at the Theaterschool

[May '09]
Follow me, the guest choerography for the 2nd year students of Theaterschool in Amsterdam involved a group of 11 ' faceless dancers'.
The performances, held in Amsterdam and The Hague, offered a program with works of Leine en Roebana, Giulia Mureddu, Paul Selwyn Norton, Sara Wiktorowicz, Kenzo Kusuda and Roberto Olivan.

To the Arabic countries in the Middle East

[April '09]
Giulia Mureddu was involved in a intercultural project, representing Holland in four Arab countries in the region: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestinian Territories. Besides presenting the double program Mighty MatPogo and Escaping Grey, Giulia Mureddu and light designer Roland van Ulden (together with colleague Vincent van Roon) gave also workshops, master classes and lectures.

To Bucharest

[March '09]
Project Europe in Motion, with the support of Springdance and its international partners: 10 days of dialogue in Bucharest between choreographers from different European countries.  Escaping Grey was presented in the Centrul National al Dansului.

To London

[February '09]
Mighty MatPogo has been selected for the series of international dance performances Aerowaves and performed in London at The Place on the 21st of February 2009.

Time to research

[February/March '09]
Research in Danslab: the lingual body
The Lingual Body and its different forms of expression
With: Goran Tunsek (dance), Dieuweke van Reij (costume and decor), Kay Patru (dance), Efrem Stein (drama), Fransien van de
Putt (directing), Laszlo Geleng (teacher Kung Fu)

On Tour

[January '09]
After the premiere on December 1st  2008 of Escaping Grey the intense double program Escaping Grey and Mighty MatPogo, had its tour in Holland.