Always Known Never Met

Always Known Never Met

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Play Me @ Oerol

Play Me @ Oerol & Over het IJ

Play Me - video still




New work Always Known Never Met

[September '11]
The new work Always Known Never Met will come out on the 4th and 5th of October in theater Bellevue, Amsterdam.
The performance departs from the dialogue between a mother and her unborn child. The book ‘Lettere a un bambino mai nato’(‘Letter to a child never born’)by Oriana Fallaci is the inspiration.
Dancer Katerina Dietzova and actor David Eeles enter the dialogue and surf between conscious and unconscious movements, inhibited and spoken words, visible sounds and intimate images. Through the camera the live video images reveal themselves as an extension of the players.
Premiere October 2012 4th in Theater Bellevue (Amsterdam). [read more]

New collaboration

[September '11]
Giulia is working as movement coach/coreographer at the theater group Het Filiaal, for the children piece Trollenjong by Sanne Zweije. First tryouts for schools in February 2012.

Guest choreographies

[September '11]
Giulia is working with the students the two Dutch international dance academies, the University of the Arts in Amsterdam and Codarts in Rotterdam.

30 of november, 1,2,and 3 december 2011, AHK, Theaterzaal, 20.00 - Amsterdam
Februari 2012 (dates to be announced), Codarts, Theaterzaal - Rotterdam

Play Me on the road

[April '11]
The interactive installation/performance Play Me, after Oerol and Over het Ij Festival, will be presented in different formats during following site specific festivals: the 5D Festival, ‘a cultural total experience for everybody’ at the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam and the NS Try Out Festival, a free live event where stations in the Netherlands become more than a station. With Giulia Mureddu, Katerina Dietzova and Eline Tan.

New work Play Me

[March '11]
Play Me is a technological interactive solo for one individual spectator at a time. The work is inspired by the video game Wii, a video console that detects movements and displays them in real time through wireless technique. Through the use of a remote controller the spectator stimulates the sensors placed in the suit of the faceless performer and generate the electronic musical score. The remote controller in the hand of the spectator clearly confirms when the sensors are hit through physical vibrations. Within a time span of five minutes every single spectator will get the chance to be co-author of a solo in which he is confronted with human relations and the influence of technology. The experience is visual, sensorial and physical.

28 march- 2 april 2011, Frascati WG Amsterdam (during the Ordinary Departures week)

Fringe Festival with Ordinary Departures

[February '11]
Between everyday life and artistic practice.  
Choreographers Giulia Mureddu and Keren Levi with musician Tom
Parkinson will present their work in a context program in and around the theater.
They reframe the everyday in their work, and the work finds itself out of a
million encounters –with their family, friends, collaborators, ideas,technologies, forms and the work of others. Some of these departures are  taken back out of the theatre and presented here. The three will frame their performances of Prossimo and Envelopes with a series of events in and around the theatre. These include lectures, installations, workshops and concerts and will open up the concern, processes and inspirations that make up their choreographic practice.

Ordinary Departures is an initiative of Giulia Mureddu/ Stichting Broccoli, Keren Levi and Tom Parkinson/ Stichting Neverlike. Levi and Mureddu are both alumni of the newly relaunched Dansmakers Amsterdam who support the project along with Frascati and Grand Theatre, Groningen.

28 maart - 2 april, Frascati WG, Amsterdam

For the full program follow these sites:
www.frascati .nl

Residency @ DNA in New York

[February '11]
Giulia and dancer Katerina Dietzova will enjoy two weeks residency at the center for contemporary dance DNA in New York to explore movement material as a base for a new production. Local collaborators will join the proces.

Giulia about the research plan: “During the research I would like to gather a pool of data, information and elements from which we could extract movement principals by focussing on two main topics:
The unconscious female expression and its translation
The ‘indirect dialogue’
We will collect a pallet of video and audio-recorded interviews, as well as written notations by the working team, with women of different backgrounds. We will focus not so much on the words of the interviewed women but more on their underlying physical reaction: mood, body language, facial expression and tone of voice. From the collected material we will extract a list of methodologies as a departure point for physical translation. This experiment will take my general artistic research on the source of movement further away from a more conventional executions of codes and forms: because of the interview format the questioned people will focus on the words and not on the above named underlying state. Therefore, we have the chance to focus on unconscious movement.
Another element I will introduce during the research is the ‘indirect dialogue’. The performers will share the space but they will not see each other nor meet physically. How far can awareness connect the different performers? And what kind of awareness is it? Which formats can help establish this awareness?
The research aims to create a ground of exchange between the different collaborators, and will end with an informal presentation/documentation. Although it is a preparation for a new production, the goal is to take the risk of initiating new processes, without the pressure of a finished product, and to share encounters, discoveries and obstacles of the creative process."

February 28 - March 12
Application for participant till the 8th of February